Find below top down supply and demand technical analysis for Forex, Stocks, Futures, Indexes and Commoditites using exclusively supply and demand imbalances together with price action. Uncluttered charts without colourful lagging indicators or studies or any kind of news or earnings announcement taken into consideration. These analysis usually have imbalances drawn on oneor two timeframes, bear in mind that a top down analysis of at least three timeframes is needed to make a trading decision. 

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12th October 2018
Forex AUDUSD : Weekly supply zone in control and dropping
Forex pair AUDUSD is dropping from weekly supply zone with the weekly in a downtrend and removing opposing demand levels. In a downtrend we want supply levels to be respected and demand zones to be removed. That is happening right now so short bias on new levels of supply as and when they are created.
8th September 2018
AUDUSD forex cross pair downtrend, shorts at supply levels
AUDUSD forex cross pair has a clear downtrend with new monthly, weekly, daily and H4 supply levels being created and restected. Weekly supply zone from 0.7671 is playing out nicely as well as daily supply level around 0.7457. There are also strong H4 areas of supply being created and respected as explained in this video […]
24th July 2018
Forex AUDUSD : Weekly supply imbalance above for potential shorts
Forex pair audusd is in a downtrend on the weekly and created a supply imbalance above for potential shorts. When we are trending down and demand zones are being eliminated and supply levels are being respected we have higher odds for our trade to work out. At set and forget we want to lean on […]
4th June 2018
Forex AUDUSD : Sell at weekly supply imbalance
Forex major audusd has retraced to weekly supply imbalance where we can look for shorts for longer term shorts. We have a weekly downtrend as per the set and forget rule set, we require an opposing area of demand to be removed and a descending trendline, that happened so we are down and looking for […]
7th May 2018
Forex AUDUSD : New weekly supply imbalance created
Forex major audusd is dropping and removed opposing demand zone and in the process created a nice new weekly supply imbalance. Short bias right now on audusd since key levels of demand are being removed. In a downtrend supply levels are respected and demand imbalances are removed.
22nd January 2018
Forex AUDUSD : New weekly demand imbalance created
Forex major AUDUSD is rallying on the weekly and created a brand new weekly demand imbalance for potential longs. In an uptrend supply levels are removed and demand imbalances and zones are respected. Longs at Weekly, Daily and H4 demand zones.
11th December 2017
Forex AUDUSD : Daily supply zones are being respected
Forex pair audusd is dropping on the daily and creating brand new levels of daily supply for potential shorts. In a downtrend supply imbalances are respected and demand zones and levels are removed. Last Daily supply has not created a minimum 2:1 reward risk imbalance, we need price to drop lower to provide such reward, […]
20th November 2017
Forex AUDUSD : New weekly supply zones being created
Forex pair AUDUSD is dropping and creating brand new areas of supply for potential shorts around 0.7600, previous weak weekly demand zone at around the same price area to the left has been removed. Lots of room for price to retrace to opposing higher timeframe demand level. In a downtrend supply zones are respected and […]
2nd August 2017
Forex AUDUSD : Weekly demand level created below for potential longs
Forex pair audusd is rallying on the weekly and creating new demand zones. In an uptrend supply is removed and demand is respected, long bias on audusd.
9th February 2017
Forex AUDUSD : New weekly demand created at 0.7250
Forex major AUDUSD is creating new levels of demand on the weekly after hitting monthly demand zone. We have a nice looking weekly demand level at 0.7250 in which we can look for longs by waiting for new levels of demand to be created by removing opposing supply all the while respecting demand imbalances. Long bias […]
23rd December 2016
Forex AUDUSD: Daily and weekly supply zones created
Forex pair AUDUSD is dropping after creating new weekly and daily supply imbalances at around 0.74400. Price is bearish because demand is being removed while supply is being respected so we will be, as a community, looking to go short at weekly and daily supply. Short bias.
1st December 2016
Forex AUDUSD: New weekly supply zone created
Forex pair AUDUSD created a new level of weekly supply high in the monthly range which could be nice for shorts if price retraces. There are a lot of wicks up there and trading in the area so it is probably best to wait for confirmation to be on the safe side. How do you […]

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