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Set & Forget supply and demand trading community has been created by request of a small group of people at my personal Forex Factory supply and demand thread as well as a personal need to create a place where I will be able to help supply and demand traders around the world in a better way.

We help each other, we trade by the same set of rules, no more clouding your mind with different ways of looking at the markets.Set and forget is a way of life, it’s not about being right all the time or being in front of the computer 6-8 hours a day, 1 hour or less a day or every 2-3 is more than enough. You think you are going to move candlesticks with your mind power by staring at the screen like a zombie 8 hours a day. This is the most important decision you will ever have to take in your trading career, deciding the purpose for your trading, your goals. Trade for a living, or living to trade? Which is yours?


  • The community is subscription based, it requires a monthly fee to benefit from it
  • It’s not a signal service and it will never be. You will learn how to fish, you will not be fed with fishes. If you want to be fed with fishes, this is not your place
  • I live my life according to a passion list I’ve created. I can’t break those rules, since doing what you love and what you feel passion for is one of most important things in life
  • My passion list is like my trading plan, it has a set of rules I shouldn’t break if I want to be consistently happy in my life
  • However, there is always a but: I love helping others. It’s one of my passions, one of the top 5 passions. It’s difficult for me to say no, in fact I can’t say no
  • Forex Factory didn’t allow me to have it organized the proper way. The monthly subscription fee acts as a filter, it’is just a small contribution towards expenses and it separates those type of people who are just looking around from the others who really mean it serious to learn supply and demand trading. It’s a filter I use the same way I use a trendline to filter out levels for my entries

Watch this short 15 minutes video to learn shows how the community works, and how orders are planned way before they are triggered. CAD/JPY D1 long and NIKKEI Index D1 long are covered in detail, you will see how the trade was proposed, how was triggered and managed.


Read the Forex Factory supply and demand thread from the beginning, there is a LOT of very important information that by itself will give you a sound plan to trade supply and demand. You want to be part of a community of supply and demand traders trading with the same set of rules? Then carry on reading


  • You are looking for a live trading room or a signals service. This community is neither a signals service nor a live trading room, it’s a meeting point, a forum for supply and demand traders. You have to learn how to fish, we can’t give you the fishes. I will be posting some of my trade setups, and traders will do the same. You will need to learn how to do it yourself with my help and others in the community. A couple of live monthly webinars are held every month together with strong support via the forum’s channels
  • You are thinking this community is a pre-thought business and I just want your money. Of course, if a monthly fee is charged, it’s a business, there is no doubt about it. Read my Forex Factory thread and the reasons why this community has been created. I don’t need your money, only your commitment. The monthly fee is just a filter. My time has a price as well as yours, if you don’t understand this skip this page
  • You are thinking that paying a subscription will entitle you to post whatever you want and break the rules. The subscription will allow you in, you have to behave yourself, or your membership will be revoked
  • You are looking for a 5 times a week live webinars analysis. Live webinars analysis 5 times a week? No no! Remember I am a swing trader and I do have a job, that job is being a trader, and enjoying all the free time it provides me with as well as lots of “holidays”. I want to have a life and most important of all, YOU ALSO want to have a life, this should be the first reason why you would ever think of becoming a swing trader first of all
  • You are more worried to learn how good my own trading or other’s trading is than your own
  • You are looking for some self proclaimed guru to make you rich. I am not such a person, if I ever am seen like that, it will be the last day I will be helping others online
  • You are looking to spend a couple of months at the community and obtain and understand everything it has to offer. I have a firm belief that I (and others in the community) can do great things for you over a period of time, but this is not for people that think a month or two of training is enough
  • You are not going to do your homework. Trading is much harder than studying a career at the university, nobody is going to do your homework. You need to work hard, if you are not ready to work hard for months, you should go somewhere else or find another job
  • You expect me to be on the community every day.I don’t want or need a job; I do have a job already: being a swing trader.I am on the site almost every day anyway, but once again, this community project is not an attempt on my part to create a business or job for myself, even though the business is there. I am always available via email though
  • You are looking to be spoon fed.The material and videos will always be there, support as well. It’s your responsibility to commit yourself and take it seriously. That is one of the main reasons why over 95% of those that attempt to become a trader fail
  • You are not realistic and expect new videos and material to be released at regular intervals. You will be purchasing access to current material that if taken seriously (in conjunction with following the advices by other traders) will take you months to fully implement. You can’t expect to learn how to trade in 1 or 6 months, the same way you can’t expect to learn a new language or a new career. Be realistic!
  • The €45 monthly fee is a burden to you and/or your family financially. You can always try and obtain free help on the free supply and demand thread at Forex Factory


Best live webinar so far, check it out. Part 1 Best live webinar so far, check it out. Part 2





  • Take years off your learning curve in our supply and demand community. Learn how to trade using institutional price action techniques
  • Access to a growing community of supply and demand traders trading the same set of rules
  • A couple of two-hours live webinar a month. It will depend on where I am at the moment and my Internet connect, since I will often be travelling around. You don’t need a daily video analysis or a daily webinar, we’re supposed to be swing and position type of trader
  • 1 weekly swing and position supply and demand analysis video covering 20 or more instruments, forex currency pairs, stocks, shares, CFDs and indexes (S&P 500 e-mini, Nasdaq e-mini, Russel 2000). There will be no need to make further video analysis on these instruments, they will be updated via its respective forum’s channels. Remember Set & Forget is a swing/position trading forum and community, not a scalping or intraday one
  • Swing/position imbalances found in the videos and channels can be of great use and help for intraday traders: do not go against them and use them as areas to star your intraday trades
  • Should the initial setup scenarios change during the week, you will know what to do based on rules and analysis done at the beginning of the week, or through commnets made by community members
  • Webinars where the member will be the one doing the analysis, others and myself will correct him and record the session. This is a great way of learning and knowing if you know and follow the rules
  • Access to the trading rooms for all traded instruments. You will be able to see trade setups posted in the different rooms
  • Different rooms for each pair and cross pair, trade setups and posts will be much easier to locate
  • Access to new tools developped by Set and Forget and its members: new supply and demand rectangle reader, expert advisor to manage your trades, trendline dashboard indicator, Forex Tester 2 indicators to help you backtest the rules
  • Individual subscription to those instruments you trade, as well as other members (traders) you like
  • Access to existing supply and demand videos as well as new videos to be released in the future
  • Support via the forum. No question is left unanswered

If you are still interested after reading all the conditions above, press on the REGISTER button:


You can be the best trader NOW!

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