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16th April 2014
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16th June 2014

 I hope you are having a great Easter’s holidays with your family and friends!

I just wanted to inform you that I will start developping the Supply and Demand Trendline Break Expert Advisor for Metatrader 4 next week. It will be a great tool in a supply and demand trader’s tool asernal to manage the trades according to the rules laid out at the free supply and demand at Forex Factory and the private community at

I believe the EA will will be a great tool to help you trade according to the supply and demand rules laid out at Set and Forget. It will be a trade management tool more than anything, you will no longer have to think if a Trendline has been broken or not, if the exact TP 3:1 target is well calculate or not and so on.

These are the features the EA will eventually have, it will be a cutdown version of the full EA that I use for privately, nothing to do with it since the full one has detection of levels, CP patterns and semi-automated trading, but that’s just for my personal use. This on will help you all supply and demand tradings to take trades as per the rules and be a bit more relaxed when planning them. Still you need to have the experience and confidence to know the rules, the EA will just be a tool to manage your entries.

  • Entry Timeframe:
    • H4 by default. This variable can be changed at any moment, so you will be able to trade H1 or lower TFs if you change it, you can configure as you want
    • If you want to trade H4 and D1 at the same time, you will have to have a second MT account to trade D1 entries. It’s advsiable that you separate accounts so you can track progress on each timeframe, mixing up H4 and D1 entries on the same account is not recommended. The EA will not be able to manage H4 and D1 at the same time
  • Close trades if TL is broken:
    • You can configure the EA to detect TLs breaks on your entry TF, if this is enabled, the EA will close all the trades on that TF when that happens
    • The EA will skip all limit orderst to which you have added a comment with the keyword “set”, this is useful when you want to cancel all H4 longs if the ascending TL is broken but you want to keep the limit order within the D1 demand zone because that’s still valid if the H4 TL is broken (D1 and HTFs are up)
    • Only 1 Trendline will be allowed on your entry TF, if the TL is solidly broken
    • If the EA’s Trendline variable is disabled, the EA will not close any orders if the TL is broken
  • Different EA profiles/sets: you will be able to save any profile/set for each pair, so you can configure it as you want for the breakeven, targets, etc, and load it when you need it. Some instruments like exotics, indexes and CFDs require different wiggle rooms, so you can save a .set file and load it whenever required
  • Breakeven: the EA will move SL to breakeven after a defined Risk Reward, 2%, 3% or any RR specified. You will be able to add padding, spread to the entry price as well to cover the broker’s commissions if you have them on your account
    • If the order’s comment = no, the EA will not manage the trade, so you can post trades that will not be taken over by the EA
    • I highly recommend you to use one account just for supply and trading, DO NOT mix it with other strategies
  • Take profit and targets:
    • 3 targets will be available, by default only 1 predifined target will be activated
    • You will be able to configure up to 3 targets based on a RR % exit or a fix price. That is, you want to close a % of your lots at 3% profit, a second % close at 6% and final % close at 10%. You can cofigure it as you want
    • You can select the price mode for your exits, so the EA will exit your trade
    • You will be able to toggle on/off the profit target lines, that is, you will see on the charts where those RR% / Price targets are located on the chart
  • Close your trade if the TL is broken:
    • This feature will allow you to close a running/winner trade if your entry TF TL is solidly broken, this is also a trading exit strategy
  • Take screenshots of your trades:
    • The EA will automatically take a screenshot of your entry TF on the entry AND the exit so that you can keep track of your trades

That’s all I believe 🙂

This EA will be FREE Set and Forget subscribers, no extra cost, it will require username/password authentification. It will just be an extra asset for members that believe work hard and believe in the supply and demand methodology laid out here.

If you see the potential to make money trading but for some reason still can’t make money trading then there are other issues at work like trading plan, emotions, a fix set of rules, other traders supporting you, etc. This is where you can get your questions addressed fully & the support from all within the community, it’s like a family.

Have a great day and Easter Holidays!
Off to the beach! Markets will be slow today and on Monday, take some time off and enjoy your friends and family.

Alfonso Moreno
Alfonso Moreno
Full time trader, expert technical analyst and founder of Set and Forget supply and demand online trading community. Traveler, photographer and adventurer.


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    I want to test this expert

  2. abdulaziz says:

    كيف يمكنني الحصول على يوزر وباسورد لهذا الخبير

  3. Mitchell Pietersz says:

    Is this still available for your community?

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