Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

You will take years off your learning curve and learn how the markets by throwing away any lagging or fancy indicators by following and testing the rules provided at Set and Forget.

This methodology is geared for those that work full time or want to enjoy your life without spending your whole day in front of a computer starting at the markets second guessing your trade decisions and micro managing your trade thus the main concept “Set and Forget”.

You will be part of a global community of supply and demand traders trading the same rule set and trading methodology where trades are posted before ahead of time.

Below is a list of some of the benefits of being a Set and Forget member:

  1. Learn how the market works, no more lagging or colorful indicators
  2. Learn how supply and demand plus price action tell us all we need to know about the markets
  3. Develop a winning mindset and learn how to manage your money like a professional
  4. Methodology ideal for those who work full time, no need to be in front of your computer all day long like a zombie
  5. Grow not only as a trader but also as a human being. Learn skills on how to manage your emotions and execute a daily routine that will put you on the right path
  6. Become a member of a worldwide growing community of supply and demand traders trading with the same rules set
  7. Don’t believe what I say, don’t believe what I do – test it for yourselves’. This is key: else we never get to build the belief in our ability to execute and manage our edge
  8. You will learn to anticipate future price turning points with a lot of accuracy, this will allow you to enter trades with confidence way before most traders
  9. Learn to manage a high risk-reward ratio of at least 1:3, so you can take profits. even without a very high win/loss ratio
  10. Trade setups posted before they happen. Not in hindsight
  11. Obtain help from like-minded traders trading the same rules, no more clouding your mind with multiple strategies
  12. You will take years off your learning curve
  13. Financial freedom
  14. We will help you build a tailored trading plan for you, give you tips to overcome your challenges and increase your profitability

Below is a list of some of the resources available to Set and Forget members:

  1. Methodical and logical strict rules based supply and demand trading strategy which will help you think like a robot
  2. Supply and demand plus price action tell us all we need to know about the markets
  3. Access to more than 40 lessons loaded with screenshots and videos explaining all concepts in an organized and structured format, geared towards developing your trading skills over a long period as opposed to providing a “quick fix” or promises to “get rich quick”.
  4. Take advantage of weekly potential trade setups posted every week in the community
  5. Access to tools and indicators created by members for the community
  6. Access to more than 200 hours of webinars and countless weekly video analysis (one per week since October 2013)
  7. Weekly swing and position video analysis for +25 instruments
  8. Videos archive to learn all you need to know about supply and demand at your own pace
  9. One or two live webinars planned per month to clear up your doubts
  10. Take part in webinars where you will be the one doing the analysis and corrected by the coach and other traders
  11. One or two free meetups a year organized for members where we’ll do live analysis in the mornings and enjoy sightseeing our chosen destination

You will learn a systematic methodical approach with over 40 lessons in the classroom that are geared toward developing your trading skills that are outlined and explained in detail with screen shots and videos.

You will have access to daily trade set ups that are posted at the community and weekly video analysis of over 25 instruments (done every week since S&F started in 2013) and a video archive with over 200 hours of recorded explaining the S&F way learning supply and demand.

You will be able to participate and do the analysis in 1 or 2 monthly live webinars and be able to attend 1 to 2 yearly trips where we have an organized supply and demand workshops with afternoon vacationing and sightseeing.


CLICK HERE TO VISIT! right_sectionMake sure you browse the trading channels and see how Set and Forget community works.

- Like minded supply and demand traders all trading with the same rule set

- Daily live setups posted before they happen, no hindsight

- Individual channels for each Forex pair, Stock, Commodity, each instruments has its own trading channel

- Participate in yearly community meetups with daily live trading

- Access to a large resource of archived video content with hundreds of hours of live analysis and webinars.


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