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> Learn the skills to build a professional trader's mindset for a monthly 5% return
> Strict and methodical rule based supply and demand strategy
> Spend only 30-45 minutes daily in your analysis. One day, one candle, one decision!
> No lagging indicators, no volume, no news announcements. Keep it simple!
> Methodology ideal for those with full time or part time jobs. You will have a life!
> Before the fact potential trades posted every week in the trading community

Works on any market and timeframe: Forex, Stocks, ETFs, Futures, Indexes, Commodities and Options. Use supply and demand zones to locate the exact zone to plan your Stock Options.

Learn how the market works, no more colorful or lagging indicators. No volume. No news or earnings announcements.

The imbalance of supply and demand is the only reason why price moves every market be it Forex, Stocks, Futures or Commodities. The greater the imbalance, the greater the move in price. Most traders are not aware of the power that a supply and demand Forex strategy can have. We're really good applying this logic when we want to buy some food at the supermarket, buy a bottle of wine or a car. We want to buy low and sell high, that's pretty obvious, isn't it? Would you buy your favorite bottle of wine worth $5 for $15? Of course you would not. Why would then most retailers buy a Forex currency pair or a Stock when price is so high? Ask yourself that question.

No more brainwashing to try and convince you that trading is easy because it is not. Learn how to grow your account 5% a month.

Is 5% return per month enough for you? It's for us and any professional investors. Many are happy with just that per year. Ask yourself why it's not enough for you. Most trading vendors will try to sell you a worthless course for a few hundred dollars and a holy grail Forex and Stock strategy that will allow you to double or triple your capital in a very short period of time. They will tell you that learning to trade Forex or Stocks is very easy, they will show you track records that are not worth the paper they are written on, they will promise you un-told riches.

Become a member of a worldwide growing community of like minded supply and demand traders all trading with the same rules set

Belonging to a like-minded traders community has a lot of benefits. We all trade by the same rule set, anything outside these rules are not permitted. You will no longer cloud your mind with multiple strategies and entries, we are all trading supply and demand imbalances with a strict rules set. These rules and patterns can be spotted over and over again since the markets are governed universally by supply and demand. Becoming a member grants you exclusive access to the full trading course, lessons, hundreds of hours of archived webinars and weekly video analysis, as well as potential 'before the fact trade setups' posted throughout the week. No hindsight.

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Supply and Demand Forex and Stocks Strategy. Learn to trade the Forex and Stocks market with us.

We will give you all the keys to learn forex and stocks trading and other markets with our supply and demand strategy.

Take advantage of potential trade setups posted every week in the community.

Myself, senior traders and forum members post their live trade setups in the members area, so you always have lots of eyes on the market. The community is a meeting place for supply and demand traders that want to learn how to trade Forex and Stocks as well as others markets like Commodities, Metals and Energy, Indexes and Futures. We don't believe in spending a few hours a day in a chat room talking about potential trade setups and banal things about life resulting in no trading at all. Trading should be boring, applying a rules set is actually boring. Trading is not a game you should get excited at.

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Latest Supply and Demand Analysis Trade Setups

25th May 2018
Forex NZDCAD : New daily demand starting to be created low in the monthly range
23rd May 2018
Forex USDNOK : Longs holding and new demand zones being created if we break higher
21st May 2018
Forex USDCLP : Monthly supply zone at 635.90 for potential shorts
19th May 2018
How to trade Gold XAUUSD using weekly and monthly imbalances
16th May 2018
Forex GBPCAD : New weekly supply zone created at 1.78
16th May 2018
Trip Advisor TRIP long bias at new demand level
14th May 2018
Forex AUDNZD : New daily demand imbalances being created for longs
14th May 2018
AUDNZD forex cross pairs buy opportunities with monthly demand level in control
11th May 2018
Forex EURUSD : New weekly supply imbalance created for potential shorts
10th May 2018
S&P ASX 200 Australian index longs at weekly and daily supply levels
9th May 2018
Forex NZDCAD : New weekly supply imbalance higher for shorts
8th May 2018
AUDUSD Forex Major shorts at weekly and daily supply zones

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