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    I have been studying books, whitepapers and testing for several years.....Meanwhile I was successful, too ​ , statistically in very positive trend.
    But I have never new where price is, where it is heading, what is general opinion......rather confused all the time.
    So scalping and hedging was only solution......scary walking on a wild side.....till now

    Alfonso teaches and shows where to look for confirmation, when to be wisely predictive and how to manage positions.
    Having a clue of certain moment imporatnce in time is something that wise men know, others not....that is Alfonso's teaching consequence in trading.

    After meeting some other guys from community last month together with Alfonso, I am not surprised any more.....positive attitude is present in their minds most of the time - it is contagious

    Really amazed how I am steadily growing in understanding certain area lately....

    Thanks again


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      my English is not that good to express my self about alfonso and the community (nametaker , ardenode , fortunateson , gr8guy , neelam_sharma and a lot more people which if I want to right their names so it will be very big list.

      the main thanks is to Alfonso for his effort to build the community and be responsible always to the members with quick response , he is not just great teacher and trader but great great human being , when I was broken and lost , he helped me a lot and let me come back to life.

      the community is getting bigger and bigger , so there should be reasons which great teacher Alfonso and professional trades to help each other.



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        A worldwide community of traders with a great mentor/teacher and traders who are always ready and willing to help clear out doubts that many of us have. Although not so active in the community, I have learned a lot and I'm still in my testing stages. The strategy speaks for itself and If you do the homework(testing) you will understand and believe in it and yourself. I was lost in the world of indicators and blind trading, lost money and now I'm on the journey to disciplined and profitable trading with the help of you all. This is very visible in the testing I am doing. For me it has been no regrets! I would like to say a huge THANK YOU! to our captain Alfonso and to all of you the members of this lovely community.



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          A big thank you to Mr. Alfonso M, for starting this forum, and generously sharing his methods of trading. You have given something very very valuable to this community. Appreciate !!!

          It has been a great opportunity to learn. Honestly without this , I would not have continued my trading.

          It certainly has helped me understand, the high odds of taking a trade, and I see hope for my trading career in future, due to this forum.

          A word of appreciation for senior members of this forum too. They are great support and inspiration.

          Best Regards,



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